One of the gardens from Chelsea Flower Show 2022

Chelsea Flower Show 2022 – Our Roundup

Ellen Mary has been covering her gardening journey for a while now, sharing advice and tips she's picked up over the years with the Rhino audience. This week, she's been out and about at the Chelsea Flower Show 2022!

Going to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show always stirs excitement for gardeners everywhere. With so much inspiration from some of the best designers and experts, there is something for everyone to take away.

A statue from Chelsea Flower Show

This year it was really great to see smaller space gardens and balcony gardens, showing how RHS gardens can be embracing spaces for everyone. The new houseplant section, only in its second year is a hive of creativity, filled with every houseplant you could imagine along with colorful accessories, glitter balls, plant clinic and even music made from plants.

We particularly enjoy meandering the RHS flower show gardens. Visually, each garden appeals to each of us differently. The art form, the planting and the overall message can leave a big impact on each of us. We even made a bespoke Rhino Greenhouse for the Montessori Garden in 2019. Rhinos really do get everywhere!

Chelsea Garden Show: Our favorites

This year there were a few gardens that really stood out for us. The Mallorca container garden was expertly designed to include drought tolerant plants from succulents to grasses and all handcrafted elements to bring together a piece of holiday in Chelsea. Perhaps more importantly a look at what we might all be planting here in future years.

Chelsea Garden Show, who won?

Lulu Uqruhart and Adam Hunt won the Chelsea Flower Show 2022 with their Rewinding Britain Landscape and The Meta Garden: Growing the Future by Joe Perkins.

It's clear to see that native planting has been encouraged, something that both winners highlighted beautifully through their connections between plants and fungi in woodland.

There is also an emphasis on wellbeing, with the themes of calm, mindful spaces running through many of the show gardens. One particular garden we enjoyed was The Mind Garden by Andy Sturgeon in partnership with the charity Mind. Designed to be a garden of comfort it will be transported to Furness and cared for by Dun elm employees for the charity.

Stunning garden from Chelsea Flower Show

Of course, visiting Chelsea Flower Show wouldn't be complete without some retail therapy and marvelling at the Floral Pavilion. This contains some of the best plant specimens and displays are on show, from dazzling Gladiolus to Lilium, galliums, Peonies and Roses. It's a true spectacle for plant lovers.

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