Rhino Greenhouse at Chelsea Flower Show

Time & Tide

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023

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We had the absolute privilege of being chosen to exhibit at the 2023 RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Together with our brilliant collaborators we managed to design and build a wonderful tradestand - Time & Tide which was awarded a 5-star tradestand award from the RHS!

It was a fantastic experience and you can read more about our stand and the inspiration behind it below. 

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On a windswept spring day by the shoreline, you seek refuge from the biting sea breeze. There’s a structure up ahead.

It’s a greenhouse. 

The juxtaposition of the glass structure amongst the wild setting surprises you, yet it stands unfazed and unmoved by the elements. You venture closer.

You’ve stumbled upon an oasis of calm that stills both the whistling wind around you and the crashing waves beyond. Utilising reclaimed materials, the space is adorned with coastal treasures; weathered, bleached boards, rusted steel, stone, rope and sailcloth.

It sits amongst shingle, pebble and sand, surrounded by littoral inspired planting, trees, rock pools and trickling water.

There is a seating area to rest a weary body and a food preparation and cooking area to refuel on foraged goods. You see that the greenhouse has provided ample protection for a bountiful crop and you marvel in its scents and colours.

Then you take a moment to relax into the quiet, safe in the knowledge that you are protected from the elements and rested for your journey ahead.

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There are few locations as exposed as the Great British shoreline, battered by changeable weather and sea. When selecting a greenhouse to withstand such a location, the Rhino is often the natural choice. In fact, you’ll find Rhino greenhouses located in some of the most exposed and unforgiving landscapes in the world, so it’s hardly surprising that they have such a strong and resilient presence up and down our own coastline.

The coast is a place of rest and reflection, where the pace of life slows down and we can appreciate the simple beauty of the world around us.


Chelsea Flower Show

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Inspired by beaches, from the windswept sands of our home county Norfolk, to the rugged Jurassic Coast; our garden pays homage to the shorelines of the Great British Isles and the elements that weather and mold them.

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The Greenhouse

A special one off Rhino Ultimate 9x10 in Clay Grey will be on show at Chelsea Flower Show.

The Rhino Team at Chelsea


A special thank you to our collaborators...

Design & Build by Rose Hill rosehilldesign.co.uk

Special thanks to:
Tommy & Rea Hill, Plans for Plants, Hortus Loci, Weather It, Gill Meller,
Matt Austin, Coastal Exploration Company & Carrier Company.