Explore inside a Rhino

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Explore inside a Rhino

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What's Included


Our 2x6 double-tier raised beds come with installation instructions, 2x two-foot panels (for the short sides) and 2x six-foot panels (for the long sides). Additionally, all the required screws and other assembly items are included. You will need your own tools, such as a screwdriver and trowel, as well as seeds and soil (we can’t take the fun of choosing your plants from you!).

The benefit of added height

Standing 400mm high, these raised garden beds are a great choice for plants with deeper routes. Additionally, they’re easier to maintain and reach as you won’t have to bend down as far, making them a great accessible garden accessory.

Single or double tier configuration

Looking to add a mix of depth and flexibility to your garden? Our 2ft x 6ft aluminum raised garden beds come as either single or double tiers, giving you the freedom to find the perfect fit for your garden.

You are currently viewing the 200mm high design, if you’d like more height take a look at our 2x6 single-tier raised bed, which stands at 400mm.

Dimensions for both tiers are as follows:

2ft x 6ft single tier: 609 x 1152 x 200mm
2ft x 6ft double tier: 609 x 1828 x 400mm

High quality aluminum construction

We’ve engineered our raised beds to last as long as our Rhino greenhouses which is why they’re made from extruded box-section aluminum. All bolts and fixings are located inside the raised beds to create a smooth external finish. The aluminum construction also makes them easy to clean and maintain over the years.

Please be aware that the Rhino Aluminum Raised Beds are not planters, and do not have a base as part of the design. This means you will want to consider what surface you place it on. Depending on what and how you want to grow, you may wish to line the bed with a weed control fabric, both to retain soil and prevent weeds.

Made in Britain

Quality, durability and appearance are extremely important to us which is why our raised beds are engineered and manufactured right here in the UK. Each raised bed is manufactured at our Norfolk factory, allowing us to ensure each raised bed is made to the highest standards before leaving our factory.

25 year guarantee

To prove our raised beds are built to the same standards as our Rhino greenhouses, they come with the same 25 year guarantee. So you can rest assured that they’ll still be going strong many years later.

Selection of colors

Choose from the same powder coated finishes as our Rhino greenhouses.

How much soil will I need?

To calculate the amount of soil you’ll need to fill your raised bed simply multiply all of the dimensions and then times by 1000 to convert to liters.

0.609m x 1.828m x 0.4m = 0.445 x 1000 = 445 liters.

Width (W) : 600mm

Length (L) : 1778mm

Height (H)

  • Single Tier: 180mm
  • Double Tier: 360mm
Width (W)
: 600mmLength (L

A Rhino Greenhouses Employee in our warehouse

Every Rhino greenhouse is made in our very own factory in the UK, where we manufacture over half a million different parts a year, each one produced to our exacting standards and meeting our strict quality control systems.

Our dedicated staff really care about the Rhinos they produce, and many of them have been making Rhinos since we began – it’s this pride that helps make our Rhino greenhouses strong, high quality and great value.

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