What's Included

Temperature control in a greenhouse is vitally important to good growing. Depending on the temperature, your greenhouse may need shading as early as March! A sunny day will see temperatures inside the greenhouse rapidly rise and this can cause damage to your seedlings and cuttings.

With our unique patented design, these sophisticated roof blinds fit securely to the ridge of your Rhino and can be left there permanently. When needed the blinds can be pulled down in a few seconds and clipped securely at the eaves. When not required, release the blind and the spring loaded roller will gently retract it back up to the ridge bar. When in the down position your automatic Rhino roof vents will still happily open and close under the blind.

Can the roof vents still open when the blinds are down?

Our Rhino roof blinds still allow the roof vents to fully open even when they’re in use and thanks to how they clip into place, the blinds won’t retract as the vents open.

Why are the blinds outside of the greenhouse?

Having the blinds on the outside of the greenhouse provides superior protection from the heat of the sun. This configuration allows the sun’s rays to be intercepted before they reach the greenhouse glass.

Which greenhouses will these blinds fit?

These roof blinds will fit any of our 9ft, 10ft or 12ft wide Rhino greenhouses. We do have roof blinds for our smaller 6ft, 7ft & 8ft greenhouses as well.

A Rhino Greenhouses Employee in our warehouse

Every Rhino greenhouse is made in our very own factory in the UK, where we manufacture over half a million different parts a year, each one produced to our exacting standards and meeting our strict quality control systems.

Our dedicated staff really care about the Rhinos they produce, and many of them have been making Rhinos since we began – it’s this pride that helps make our Rhino greenhouses strong, high quality and great value.

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