What's Included

Growing needs can change throughout the seasons, be prepare for any change with our free-standing staging. Customise and adapt your space as and when needed to provide space for those taller crops.

Strong Construction

For added strength and durability, our RHINO TUFF free-standing staging units are made from the same aluminum used for our greenhouses. Providing a consistent finish to match your Rhino greenhouse no matter which Rhino color you’ve chosen.

Please note: For added strength and stability this staging now includes central legs.

Removable Trays

As avid gardeners we understand that making the best use of any available space is important which is why our free-standing staging features removable stainless steel trays.

Please note, as the trays are made from stainless steel, they may contain light scratching. This is due to the manufacturing process and does not impact the items horticultural use.

Wooden Slat Lower Shelf

For added storage space our free-standing staging features a second tier. The wooden slats have been pressure impregnated with a clear preservative to maximise their lifespan, lasting years without rotting.


791mm H x 1764mm W x 596mm D

A Rhino Greenhouses Employee in our warehouse

Every Rhino greenhouse is made in our very own factory in the UK, where we manufacture over half a million different parts a year, each one produced to our exacting standards and meeting our strict quality control systems.

Our dedicated staff really care about the Rhinos they produce, and many of them have been making Rhinos since we began – it’s this pride that helps make our Rhino greenhouses strong, high quality and great value.

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